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About Us

eSports has the potential to achieve the same level of reverence as traditional sports within the next decade. We at ProgamesHub want to do our part to realize this potential through the tournaments and championships we organize.

In June 2016, ProgamesHub decided that competitive gaming in Nigeria needed a shake-up. This led to the launch of our current bespoke gaming platform, with ground-breaking features never seen before by the competitive gaming community in Nigeria. ProgamesHub is a platform for gamers to interact with each other, and with the brands targeting this tech savvy, affluent demographic. At ProgamesHub, we believe in an engaged and excited fanbase as the backbone of our competitions.ProgamesHub provides many services including viewing parties, tournaments, and private events. The ProgamesHub team combines knowledge and passion to convert ideas with potential into full-scale professionally run events.

At ProgamesHub, we bring together the gaming elite, the future pro players and the casual enthusiasts. With multiple leagues across the best gaming titles available today, gamers are able to compete for pride, prizes and prestige or boost their skills playing with gaming addicts of similar standard.

*Play the best. Be the best.


To establish the values of fair-play, sportsmanship, respect and good manners in eSports, as in any other sport. This means creating and curating the best possible content, hosting and broadcasting the highest quality tournaments, and building and supporting the friendliest possible esports community. We aim to provide a platform on which the eSports community can grow and flourish. Some specific things we intend to do:

Provide guides, tips, and tricks, strategy and analysis, so no matter whether you’re new to the game or a veteran, we’ve got ways to help you improve.
Host and broadcast a wide range of events, showcasing the best the game has to offer.
Support the community in hosting new and exciting events.


It’s our mission to create the eSports experience for all gamers out there, regardless of their skill level. We want to become the starting platform for all eSports enthusiasts out there.To create a community of competitive gamers where you can win prizes, get exposure and make friends.

With our quick expansion, we are always looking for more fresh faces. So if you are a writer, admin, shoutcaster, broadcaster, or video editor with a passion for eSports, please visit our Contact Us page and let us know!